Why Advertising on Facebook Makes Sense Today

For years Google AdWords has remained the go-to online advertising platform for small business, with other alternatives often neglected. Social media sites like Facebook have largely gone un-monetized for years since their launch. Since Facebook’s initial public offering (IPO) in 2012 however the need to monetize its 1.23 billion monthly active users has become ever more prominent.

Facebook advertising is closely rivaling the undisputed champion Google AdSense

More recently Facebook has been gaining significant momentum in the online advertising space and more specifically in relation to mobile advertising. In the past year the social giant has seen 20% growth in revenues from mobile compared with Google which has seen its share of the market fall over the past two years (- eMarketer).

Facebook now offers one of the most highly effective advertising platforms online; providing an almost endless array of demographics to target: Relationship status, interests, workplace, age, gender, location and a much more. You are nearly guaranteed to reach your target audience with Facebook’s extraordinary level of user data.

Why advertising on Facebook makes sense today

Here are just a handful of reasons why you can’t afford to ignore Facebook advertising:

• No budget too small – Get results no matter what size your budget – Facebook advertising starts at as little as $1 per day, allowing you to reach 1000’s of highly targeted prospects at a fraction of the cost of Google AdWords.

• High quality reporting – Social media is typically tricky to measure in terms of return on investment. Facebook advertising has solved that issue. Facebook offers reporting that you set to your individual needs and marketing goals.

• A more subtle form of advertising – Facebook is a more personal, subtle advertising platform; users expect to spend time engaging with brands on social networks and think little of the fact that it’s a paid ad.

Facebook delivers highly relevant ads based on our browsing history

We are increasingly moving towards a more “personalized web” where we are given content more applicable to our own interests and needs. When you visit Amazon, their homepage shows items they already know you are interested in or are likely to buy. Facebook has been able to take this a step further; leveraging its Facebook Login feature which is already used by countless websites and services.

Ability to Re-Target to prequalified customers

Facebook is not only able to track our browsing habits on their own site, but across the whole of the web. This has meant that businesses are now able to Facebook Retargeting ads to those who have already visited their website, but didn’t convert. Opening the floodgates to advertising across the whole web, not just Facebook. In particular Facebook’s introduction of its new advertising platform Atlas brings it on par with Google AdWords. Atlas allows advertisers to bid for advertising across other websites, much like Google does. What Facebook has over Google however is that they know much more about us, our interests and who we really are.

Additional chance of organic shares, likes & comments

The added bonus of advertising through Facebook is the additional chance that those you target will like, share or interact in some way with your ad. This allows you to go further than the ads you have paid for, reaching their friends and even going viral.

Start taking advantage of Facebook advertising now

If you want to compete online, you need to take advantage of the latest trends and tools available to you. Facebook does exactly this with a high performance advertising platform suited to the modern web. For more about this visit