Making my Audio Shop Survive Despite Downfall

The music industry is as lively as it was before. Genres are growing, expanding, and new ones are invented every now and then. Singers are rising because of the many singing and talent contests on TV and radio, the World Wide Web has their own version of singing sensations that they call online celebrities or Youtube stars. All these, and so much more, are happening in the music industry just like that.

Technology played a very important role in turning the music industry into hype. They provided easy access between singers and songwriters and producers. Technology and the internet became the venue for aspiring stars to reach their dreams as well as a dish served for producers to pick out which people are worth investing on.

The music we have today can be very much accounted to technology. However, technology also destroyed something in the music industry. That is, the extinction of CDs and DVDs. Because of the web and because of online file sharing, movies and music has never been as accessible as it was before. It however, caused an abrupt stop in the industry of CD and DVD selling, and I am very much affected because I am in that business.

I have a small CD and DVD shop and it is a family business that started way back when I was still young and Tapes were the main deal. When it was passed on to me, I worked hard to keep it on track and keep the place as sturdy as it was, through the years. Like my family before me did, we had the place checked and maintained annually, from floor to ceiling. For the roof, we always check out which among the roofing companies have in existence is the best in the era, and that is the company we choose to safeguard our roof and roofing system.

In my time, I have always hired to do the job for me. They are the ones on top among the many roofing companies in the local area today, and they are known to provide the best quality in terms of roofers and of roofing materials. My CD and DVD shop has always been in good condition because they helped prevent my roof from being destroyed even amidst all the calamities and outside forces that are both natural and man-made.

I still continue to run my business despite the downward slope in the sales because I still believe that some people will value CDs and DVDs more than online copies. For me, these are like books. They can become collectibles, and they are more than just music and more than just about the artists, they are stories that needs to be shared for everyone to enjoy.

I will not lose hope that someday people will start loving books again, just as much as people still has not forgotten the difference between and electronic book and a real, on paper, book. This is why I still give it my all in protecting it, just as my ancestors did. I have even taken the liberty to expand my contacts, in terms of service companies that will provide my shop the protection that it needs, not just from any roofing mayhem, but also from water damage ( and, or any construction and restoration services (